Start the day the best way…with God. Take a moment, thank Him for everything He has done. Even amidst the chaos that life can throw at us, there is still something to thank God for.

I know its not always possible for everyone to find space alone at the start of the day but if you can, then I encourage you to make it a priority. Jesus often rose early and went off into the countryside. I just go downstairs but its my time with God, no interruptions, just an opportunity to connect with God before I head into the day.

Take time to meditate…
Remember…His mercies are new everything morning.
Remember…His faithfulness endures forever.
Remember…He is the God that changes not.
Remember…He will never leave you or forsake you.
Remember…that the Holy Spirit, God Himself, lives inside of you, ready to lead you and guide you through the week.

I am learning that to see the breakthrough I am believing for I need to get a hold of God, not let go and have some persistent determination. I think the Team Church theme at Xcel Church is helping me understand that being a Christian and being Church must be taken more seriously. After all, Iif I don’t do it I cannot always assume that someone else will.

When do you get with God?
What do you do in that time with God?

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