Reading the Word today I am struck that King David had an amazing group of people around him. They were not just friends, in fact you never know, they may not have even been friends.

they added value to him.
they made him look good.
they understood what he needed.
they protected him.
they helped him achieve his breakthrough.

It’s interesting that in 2 Samuel 21:17 they advised David that he should not go out to battle anymore. He was too important to Israel. They would fight for him, achieving breakthrough on his behalf.

Challenges me to think about who are the people who are around me. Those closest to me can either help me or hinder me. The can build my faith or make me question my faith. They can add to my life or they can subtract from my life.

Sometimes breakthrough comes by gleaning wisdom from others.
From taking encouragement from others.
From learning lessons that others have experienced.
From listening to those you trust and who you know have your best interests at heart.

Who is in your inner circle?
Are they helping you get the breakthrough you desire?

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