Asked a question today via my twitter…what is the biggest challenge facing the Christian Church in the UK right now? It’s not rocket science but here’s a selection of answers…

Lack of authenticity – from people in church, whether it be members or leaders. People want the ‘Real Deal’, not a copy cat, someone trying to be someone else or a fake.
Finding honest, genuine, relatable and personable people. Those who can call themselves Christians through God’s eyes.
People judging way to quickly.. not walking in others people shoes
A lack of investment in people
Focusing on the yesterdays and not on the future or even the now
A lack of leadership
A lack of courage
A lack of vision
A lack of faith
Churches full of individuals with wrong mindsets
Maintaining relevant and practical advice rather than just repeating Christian clichès
Traditional stereotypes
Convincing people that a relationship with God is better than what they are into. Too many distractions out there.

What do you think? Is this an insurmountable challenge?

I hope not. The fact that so many people suggested problems should hopefully mean that they are equally up for the challenge of making sure the Church does not fall into any of these traps!? Is that right?

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