King Solomon has become our role model when it comes to asking God for something. Wisdom. You can’t beat that answer and I hope that you all ask for more wisdom every day, especially as we don’t know what lays ahead.

90 days believing for breakthrough.
90 days of getting with God, praying, sticking in, showing some presistent determination, to see change.

This morning I had a moment of revelation. I need to ask God what to ask for. I know what I would like to see happen and I think that’s a great place to start but I very much want God’s heart on matters. For family, for marriage, for work, for Xcel Darlington.

I need to not only hear my own voice but Gods.
I won’t die for a lack of ideas but chasing after the wrong thing will only exhaust me and probably frustrate me.

So, my prayer. Please God, give me wisdom. I need so much more wisdom. Reveal your heart for my future. Help me go after the right things and stay close to you in everything I do. Yes, Lord, I want to see explosive growth (whatever that means) in my family, my relationships, my kids, my work, in Xcel Church and where I lead, Xcel Darlington.

What about you?
What would you ask for?

One thought on “Day 12…What Would You Ask For?

  1. First Julian, let me apologize for my prolonged absence. I have been in the process of moving/ changing jobs, but now things are back to at least some type of order. Anyway…
    The major focus in my prayer life for the last 2 months has been that my house would sale. In fact it seems that this is all I have prayed about. As I reflect on Solomon’s request, he was given the earthly blessings because he desired the more heavenly gift of wisdom. I find myself in the same position- what is it that I really need?

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