So 15 days into this 90 day journey here’s some insights to where I am at on this journey…

I need to keep changing.
Determined to stay true to what God wants me to be and do.
Easily distracted and too often lack focus. Working on that.
Keeping the balance between everything I do is not always as easy as it looks.
Praying is a non-negotiable.
Praying once is often not enough. God is building my character as I persevere in prayer.
I don’t like waiting.
The Cross is one of the most important things in my life. All that it represents. The power and victory that are revealed through it.
Asking for the right thing is just as important as taking the time to ask.
Stretching my faith muscles is essential. It is the currency of heaven and without faith it is impossible to please God.
Sometimes I probably ask for the wrong things.

Heading into MASSIVE MARCH which is a great example of knowing what to ask for. I want to see growth. Need God to bring the growth. Reminded that one plants, another waters but it is God who brings the increase. What are the expectations for Massive March? What to believe for?

Away this next week having some family time so may not get to post as much. Still going to keep praying and believing God for breakthrough. Always felt this year is one of explosive growth. Not sure what that means but that is part of the discovery that God is taking me on.

How is God changing you in 2009?

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