Interesting reading through Kings. Those that had success and found blessing were those that did the right things in the eyes of God.

Sadly when life gets tough too many people give up on God and don’t actually take any time to reflect on lifestyle habits, whether we have let our spiritual disciplines slip and that rather than assuming that God has forgotten us the feelings of waywardness in our life could be as a result of not keeping right with God.

I recognise much more quickly now when I have started to allow distractions affect my focus. King Hezekiah removed the idols. All of them. Not just the obvious ones but also those on the high places, the ones hidden away. How about you? Still focused? Don’t be distracted, keep right with God.

One thought on “Keeping Right With God…Day 16

  1. Great thoughts about the Kings! I would agree that it is difficult at times for us to take the time to reflect, which is why many of us don’t have the lives we have dreamed of having. Failure to consider the path that we have been walking only keeps us on the wrong path.

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