This Sunday we conclude our Team Church series. The Team Church adventure continues.

Calling all Xcel Darlington. We are in Central Hall this week so let’s pack it out. Let’s ALL be there. Ready to break some records, to have some fun, to continue the Xcel Darlington journey.

Winning teams display certain qualities. They cannot be taught. One is a choice. One is created. Together they can keep a team moving forward, overcoming obstacles and collecting victories along the way. Want to know what they are…well I’ll tell you…


Get the message out. Make a call. Tell everyone you know. Let’s get everyone to Xcel Darlington this Sunday and together we can make God famous. It’s going to be fun. Are you in? Who will you bring?

All this talk of team church launches us into MASSIVE MARCH. A month of breakthrough and growth. Of dialogue. Declaring the Gospel. Starting conversations and seeing new people at Xcel Darlington. Together, each one of us playing our small part, we can make a huge difference!!

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