Just read this great post by Mark Batterson.

Giving something up is a challenge I think we should all rise to. Not in a martyr way but because it demonstrates discipline, an ability to lay our self down and make change. Adding new disciplines though is not always as easy. I love how Mark Batterson explains that subtracting something is ok but that by adding something new we can bring a multiplication effect to our lives.

In the midst of 90 days believing God for change anyway but I could do with multiplication. Already committed to getting up earlier already but here is my subtracts and adds for lent…

Give up chocolate for 40 days.
(Ouch – just ask Kerina how hard that will be – I love chocolate)

Adding another 15 minutes in the morning which means setting my alarm 45 minutes early!!

So…what will you give up?
Maybe more importantly…what will you add?

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