Can you believe it…one year on. Xcel Darlington is coming on strong. Time flies when you are living out your God-given purposes…and having fun along the way too.

We are on the brink.
We are ready for a breakthrough.
We are ready to celebrate our achievements – thank God for where He has brought us to and we are excited about where God is taking us.

Calling ALL Xcel Darlington partners. DON’T MISS OUT THIS SUNDAY. It’s going to be amazing.

MASSIVE MARCH will commence.
Let’s make it as BIG as possible.
Don’t just pray for growth…let’s bring people too.
Let’s see people’s lives impacted by the gospel.
Let’s get people talking.
Let’s challenge some thinking.
Let’s be Church like they never expected and mess with some preconceived ideas.

Tell us…
what has been your favourite moment?
what has been your favourite preach?
what would you like us to talk about during the rest of 2009?

5 thoughts on “Xcel Darlington: 1 Year Old

  1. Favourite moment …. has to be the day Xcel came to Darlington.. but also having the opportunity to serve with the venue team…..

    Favourite preach….. well who can forget the famous Donkey on a waffle….. and many more!! its good when the preach continues over the weeks….

    talk about …. faith.. gifts of the spirit..

    I just want to say a big big thank to you both, for being fantastic pastors of xcel darlo…..
    your doing a brilliant job… the best is yet to come..!!

  2. Hey Sharon, I would say that you are flourishing and its great having you serving with us.

    Rosie…glad you love Xcel Darlo.

    Here’s to seeing more people coming to Xcel Darlington and feeling at home like you do!!

  3. Favourite moment?

    I remember one time during the Praise and Worship, although there have been many when I really sensed the prescence of God. I remember the feeling so vividly and watching tears fall from peoples eyes as they reached out for more of God. It was awesome to watch…hearts responded to the worship and I believe that day miracles took place in peoples lives.

    Favourite preach?

    Just before we left for Australia, you preached on vision and destiny. I absolutely loved that one. So much spoke to me in that one message which has been a great start to my new thinking/attitude for this year.

  4. What to preach?

    For me I love practical preaches that are going to inspire and challenge people in their everyday lives. But personally, I would like to see more of the preaches with the depth and meat of the word. (that you do so well.) I love it when we really focus in on scripture and delve into what God is saying and drawing biblical points from what study was found. eg, learning from peoples lives in the bible who had struggles, trials, successes and learning from the steps they took.

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