Just wondered..how is it going? Really?

Are you ready and willing to be honest with yourself?

Over the past month I have endeavoured to keep up my determined effort, to do what it takes to bring a breakthrough, to allow God to work His will in my life. Not what I think God should do but what He needs to do.

I have struggled to keep going. Early mornings are hard.
I have wondered at times whether God is actually listening.
I have the read the Bible some days and if I’m honest, wondered what its all about.

I have felt the presence of God and known a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit.
I have seen things in the Word of God that I had barely noticed before.
I have sensed Gods leading.

The disciplines are still intact. Rising early to read the Word, pray and worship God. I find it a great way to start the day and know that it is making a BIG difference – in how I do life, how I see God. This was a huge change for me, from a toe in the water type, I am now all in.

Just wondered what your spiritual disciplines are?
Have they changed much during 2009?

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