Read Nehemiah over the past couple of days. That man was not just a leader, he was awesome…

vision – with clarity too
purpose and passionate too
…ability to communicate that vision to others that makes them want to get on board and make it happen
overcoming opposition
empowering all sorts to work together to accomplish a truly incredible feat
strategy – how to build, how to establish, how to protect
…almost Pastoral in his care for people – love the whole ‘fight for your family’
determined to bring success, not letting himself get distracted
humble – really modelled that a leader is there to serve
…full of wisdom, especially when some of the stuff going on was very subtle
…man of integrity – he may have been the leader but his character was strong enough to keep him from getting to full of his own importance

…almost too much. I could easily be intimidated but as I have spent time thinking about him today I am more encouraged – if God can use the kings cupbearer – not a glamorous role – then he can use me and he can use you. And we can achieve equally incredible if not seemingly impossible tasks.

When I think of my role as a Pastor of a Church in Darlington I am reflecting on how I can be more Nehemiah like in taht role and see the vision of a congregation of —- come to pass.

I often feel like praying the words of Nehemiah 5:19 ‘Remember me with favour, O my God, for all I have done for these people’

What would you learn from the life of Nehemiah?

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