I think God hit me this morning with some reminders. If I’m honest I was allowing some frustrations to start to dominate my thinking, maybe even infect my heart. Thank God for the slap – I must keep my heart right!!

Put a worship song on and got down on my knees and repented!! Ouch. Emotions are a defining part of being a human and is one of those qualities that means I am not an animal but they do get in the way of living right for God at times. Nothing wrong with being frustrated. Its what it makes you do that matters. I had the potential to get angry, actually I had probably crossed over.

Thankful for Gods word that reminded me this morning…
Thankful that God knows what I have need of. That I should seek first His kingdom and righteousness, then all these things will be added to me.
Thankful that He who has begun a good work in me will bring it to completion.
Thankful that my help comes from the Lord, that He will not let my foot slip, that he never slumbers, that he watches over my life, over my coming and going.

I am so thankful that if I confess my sins – He is faithful and just to forgive me of those sins.

To repent is not easy.
To repent is a must.
To repent keeps me right with God and therefore makes sure I don’t end up saying or doing something I might regret. (Realise that sounds really dramatic. I was just a bit out of whack this morning and God brought me back into line)

I am pushing through.
I am keeping on going.
I am keeping on believing.
I am standing in faith.
I am not letting the flesh rule me but being led by the spirit.

Hope that’s not too honest for you. Just where I am at. I may be a Pastor but I still feel things the way everyone else does. Any comment?

2 thoughts on “Pushing Through…[Day 31]

  1. Good blog today Julian. Love honesty and I think we all have or can get like this at some point! Very good to read though and felt very encouraged bt it!

  2. Hey Alice, that was my 300th comment. Not a great landmark for some but I love getting comments, just wish more of you who pass through would leave one!!

    Cheers for the encouragement Alice. I can only share from where I am at right now.

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