This might be considered an old-fashioned virtue in today’s culture.
It’s value may have been lost in a society that chases the fulfilment of self with every breath.
Has the existence of integrity made way for tolerance or lost out to political correctness?

One place it still holds great value…
One place it still creates opportunity…
One place it still stands strong…

is with GOD. Holding on to your integrity has never been devalued in God’s eyes. Developing your integrity has never been frowned upon by God. In fact, keeping your integrity has often been the signal to God that a person is ready for new and bigger challenges.

So here’s my questions for your comments please…
Is integrity a one-dimensional characteristic or is it a many faceted quality?
What are the sides to integrity?
How does someone become a person of integrity?

Reading the Bible is not new to me. For the past 6 years I have read the Bible through however, I am never amazed at God seems to draw attention to some specific thought or idea each time. This year, I have viewed the experiences of many individuals and been very aware of the quality of INTEGRITY. It has definitely been more evident to me this time round. It’s impact on a person’s destiny and unlocking what God has for you.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!!

One thought on “The Many Facets of Integrity…[Day 33]

  1. I think integrity is noticed as missing when it isn’t there. Society, over time, seems to have eradicated it. It’s only when someone stands for integrity that people notice it’s there…and then notice that it’s lacking when it disappears again.
    I think when one or two have the courage to stand up for integrity, people are inspired and decide to do likewise. Is that our mission…?

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