Life can throw you some surprises.
Life is not easy.

Living with integrity is a choice that needs to be made with the full understanding of what the implications of that choice are. When life’s surprises come…does your integrity stay strong? Only when our integrity is challenged do we truly display it or our lack of it.

Integrity is hard won and easily lost.
The enemies of integrity…

Reading Job at the moment, someone who had obviously made integrity a lifestyle choice. Maybe that’s why he was so blessed. He displayed integrity under intense pressure – from loss, from illness, from stress and probably the most difficult…well-meaning friends!!

The holding on to his integrity, despite all that was going on around him, the unwillingness to compromise what he knew to be right was probably what brought blessing to him in the future as well. I think God values integrity.

In sight of a breakthrough, struggling to see where the breakthrough is coming from, circumstances against you, nothing much changing, no movement the way you would like…KEEP YOUR INTEGRITY. Wrestle with it if you must but don’t let go, don’t give in, don’t compromise, don’t lose courage. Keep these words of Job to mind when you are thinking of letting go…

I can almost hear him shouting this out to his ‘friends’

‘I will never admit that you are in the right; till I die, I will not deny my integrity.’

Oh, that some Christians would use this as a battlecry. Stand firm. Keep waiting. In the current climate maybe this is what God is looking for – no shortcuts, no quick solutions, no get rich quick schemes – just good old-fashioned INTEGRITY.

It will set you apart.
It will bring blessing to your life.
It will make you valuable.
It will help you see in the breakthrough you may be longing for.

How is your integrity? Are you holding on? What’s the struggle for you at the moment?

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