Loved this morning at Xcel Church Darlington.

Great atmosphere.
Great time of praise and worship.
Great words from Pastor Glyn & Pamela.

I love the packed out feeling of 92 people in the studio.
I love meeting new people.
I love that we moved things about.
I loved the decor, the canvases are great.

Don’t know about you but I think Xcel Church Darlington is the best place to connect with God. The momentum is definitely building and I am excited that very soon that room will be filled with 120 people.

Xcel Darlington partners…29th March. Let’s pack them in. If you have not signed up then you can do so right here. But the challenge is WHO WILL YOU BRING?

What’s your favourite thing about Church? (Whichever one you go to – not just Xcel)

2 thoughts on “Favourite Things About Church

  1. Presence of God! So real and almost tangible! Knowing God is working and changing peoples lives,not just at the end with an appeal but ALL the way through! From the moment people arrive,through the worship and the preach.
    The Holy Spirit does an amazing work connecting with people and revealing himself to them. Stirring their hearts and mind to be sensitive to His will and His voice.
    THATs what I love about the House of God!

  2. I love it when the pastors preach about something that i might be going threw in my life or somebody i know, + you give us the answers to the situation without me even asking! I know then that GOD has given you words to help us! Its amazing!! I love learning new things so that i might help others! I love it when young people come yo me at PY and i have some wisdom to pass on!! I LOVE BEING IN THE HOUSE OF GOD!!

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