Amongst the reading of the Psalms this morning I came across this little verse. Psalm 58:1 says:
‘Do you rulers indeed speak justly? Do you judge uprightly among men?’ (NIV)

Leaders…watch yourselves.
Christian leaders…watch yourselves.

Speak justly. Judge uprightly.

Is this not integrity?
Be who you say you will be.
Be the same with everyone when it comes to leadership.
Listen the same.
Deal with issues the same.
Provide the same opportunities to all.

To speak justly is to do so with honour, fairness, consistently, in a righteous manner.
To judge uprightly is to do so adhering to strict moral principles.

Be a leader with integrity. It is the diamond in a leaders crown. It is not easy but the rewards it brings, the trust it builds, the respect it demands make the sometimes difficult trek of integrity extremely worthwhile.

How do you fair? Any thoughts…

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