I knew that committing to praying and believing for 90 days was going to be hard work. The disciplines can start to loosen a little over time, keeping focus becomes harder, especially as now I am just passing the halfway mark. At the beginning it’s exciting, the end will be too…the middle bit though – that can feel like a slog.

Getting up some mornings isn’t easy. BUT it’s always worthwhile.

Enjoying more than a fleeting moment with God. Standing in the presence of God at the beginning of a new day – it has changed me.

I am becoming more aware of God.
I am becoming more aware of my need for God.
I am becoming more aware of those moments when life distracts me too much.

So I am still standing. Still praying. Still believing. Still actively engaging my faith to see God do great and amazing things, in my life, in my family, in Xcel Church Darlington.

How about you?
What are you praying for at the moment?
What are you believing for in faith?

Psalm 69:9 says ‘…zeal for your house consumes me…’ I think this is probably what gets me up in the morning and drives me on regardless of all else.

2 thoughts on “Still Believing For Great Things

  1. Im praying for a change at work, peace in my family and money!!
    I make sure im thankful when i pray + continue to do as much as i can to help others while serving in church. Im believe that faith is the key, im not giving up!

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