In my search for breakthrough I love that what I get to do is a part of it.

I am still relatively new to this Pastoring lark – Xcel Darlington is only just over 1 year old. Maybe I’m still in the honeymoon period but one thing I am sure of…I am in the place God wants me. Just need to get better at what He is calling me to. (Guess we can all relate to that).

But here’s my thought. Being in the right place with God beats everything else. Even with the stresses and strains going on in life, being in the right place with God can make everything seem right. That air of contentment. That knowledge of knowing that you are giving God your best. Are you giving God your best?


Would I really trade 1 day for 1000?
Would I really trade 1 day for 2.74 years?


Would I rather be a doorkeeper in the House of God than be anywhere else that the world might offer?

You know what, I am probably guilty of saying ‘YES’ to easily to these kind of statements. Crossing the line marked YES but then looking for the option to back track. I am realising that you are either IN or you are OUT. In-between, sometimes, lukewarm, so-so, possibly, maybe – I’m not sure God enjoys hearing those sentiments.

I want to be where the action is. It can get a little heated at times. Being a doorkeeper can get somewhat scary at times but what a rush. Feel the adrenaline pumping. Why would you want anything else? There is no substitute.

Being in the right place with God means you are covered. FOR THE LORD GOD IS A SUN AND SHIELD; THE LORD BESTOWS FAVOUR AND HONOUR; and here’s the think that keeps me on track for my breakthrough, for the breakthrough of growth that I want to see at Xcel Church Darlington…NO GOOD THING DOES HE WITHHOLD FROM THOSE WHOSE WALK IS BLAMELESS. [Ps 84:11]

Help me stay blameless Lord. Help me keep my integrity. Help me stay in the right place with you. Can’t afford to move away…I might miss out on the honour and the favour. That’s where the action is.

Are you in the right place?

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