This is our next series at Xcel Darlington…starting Sunday.

Think about it: the current global crisis is a turning point. It’s time for a change. How we spend, how we save, what we rely on for our future welfare. It’s an uneasy time for many and how we do life may never be the same again. History is punctuated with turning points. Your life and mine is highlighted by different turning points. Things that have changed the course we were on.

Talk to people whose lives have changed and they will often speak about a turning point. Maybe a new discovery.
Maybe the answer to a question.
Maybe a new opportunity.
Turning points come in all shapes and sizes.

I really want to equip us. To help us as Christians to be ready when people come, eager for a change, desiring what a turning point in their lives could bring. Open to the truth of Jesus.

I really want to help people experience a turning point. To demonstrate how Jesus is for everyone. Wherever they are in life, whatever state they may be in – good or bad. I am convinced that when it comes to Jesus…everyone needs a turning point. We just need to make sure we are ready!

What was your turning point?

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