In my preparation for this next series called TURNING POINTS there is thought that is continually in my thinking at the moment…

If the local Church is the hope of the world then we have to be full of that hope ourselves. That has to be the Church. Which means it has to be US.

Whatever the circumstances.
Whatever the situation.
Whatever the past.
Whatever the present.
Whatever the lifestyle.

There is still hope. Always hope. Found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Let’s get the word out…you can really come to Church, just as you are. Whatever your opinion of yourself, God still loves you and has made a way for you to re-connect with Him. Yes, we don’t deserve it. It is the gift of God, to us.

Let’s work at making Xcel Church the right kind of place where we breathe hope into a world which often lacks hope? Let that be our passion as we reach out to those around us – to love them, to be bringers of hope and demonstrate Jesus to them in simple, practical, caring ways.

What do you think?

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