Easter is the turning point that everybody needs but too many still don’t understand.

Tomorrow is the opportunity to preach the Cross.
Tomorrow is the opportunity to point people towards their Saviour.

This is my first Easter preach. Want to get it right. Excited by the prospect of seeing lives transformed. The power of the Cross should always be remembered. Easier to get excited by the power of the Resurrection and the new life it brings than the pain endured on the Cross.

We can celebrate the death of Jesus. It may seem a strange thing to do but when you understand the reasons why Jesus endured the Cross, you know there is reason enough to celebrate it.


One leads you to repentance.
One represents forgiveness, justification, imputed righteousness, a great exchange of life transforming proportions.
One represents a new life.
One represents life reborn, a new heart imparted by the power of the Holy Spirit, adoption into God’s family.

‘The same power that raised Christ from the grave, lives in US’.

We must live a life worthy of ALL that Jesus DID for us.
We must live a life taking up our Cross, dying to self, living for Him.
It’s a challenge but one that we should literally give our all to pursue – to not live like that is to throw back into Jesus’ face all that he did for us. It’s almost like saying ‘Thanks, but no thanks’.

Let’s keep doing our best for Him. Whatever it takes!!

[Tell me why you love Easter?]

One thought on “The Ultimate Turning Point

  1. You are right on the money!

    At the time it happened Jesus’ going to the cross was no doubt a totally sad thing … but not now. If we do not receive it as a really good thing (Good Friday!) we miss the point of the whole exercise.

    The other thing to remember is that Jesus was sent to the cross by God, his and our Father, and no man (PTL) could stop it. And that is really good news! Yes, evil and confused men made it happen, but they were as pawns in God’s hand.

    The resurrection, of course, proves that God accepted Jesus’ death as a total atonement for the sin/rebellion of mankind, and when Jesus cried out, “It is finished,” it was!

    If we could ever get the preachers to stop focusing on ‘sin cousiouness’ and Christians’ negativity towards all that the lost ‘world’ represents, and start living and acting like saved people and showing the advantages of that, then we will see revival.

    The way I see it, anyway …

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