I set myself the challenge for 90 days – rising early to pray & seek God. Here are my thoughts as it heads towards day 90…

…90 days is a LONG time
…it’s TOUGH to keep the disciplines going
…believing for BREAKTHROUGH is exciting
…recognising the breakthrough when it COMES is not always easy
…prayer WORKS
…loving reading the Word at the moment – incredible how often it speaks to you the right word at the right time
…change is often a necessity to see breakthrough become a REALITY
…the walk is just that, a walk – NOT a sprint
…one breakthrough is NEVER enough – I’m learning that I should always be believing for something
…stretching your faith HURTS
…where I am at with God IMPACTS every aspect of my life
…holding onto my INTEGRITY is an essential element to gaining breakthrough
…KEEP tight with God
…enjoy the JOURNEY, otherwise what’s the point!

How is your journey going at the moment?
Seen any breakthroughs recently?

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