Here’s a revelation: LIFE HAPPENS!

Here’s the challenge: HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT?

Am I being naive to think that Christians should deal with stuff differently to how a non-believer might? Isn’t it in the difficult circumstances that the opportunity to be different, to be the faith-filled individual truly kicks in?

Choices – let our view of things dictate how we will deal with it OR keep God’s view of things always in our minds and realise that He is BIG enough to deal with it. Sounds easy and I know firsthand that it isn’t. Being distracted by stuff happens to us all. Be disciplined enough to not let those things distract you for too long.

Remember…that even when it looks wrong, it might be right
Remember…keep seeking God, especially when it feels like the last thing you want to do
Remember…He is able to more than we can ever ask or think
Remember…take captive every thought, bring it into line

These do not happen by chance.
These are accomplished by us making right choices.
These need to be held on to TIGHTLY.

When life is tough…get to Church, get into the Word of God, get on your knees, get God’s view in front of you ALL THE TIME! These are the things that make us a shining light, that have people saying ‘What is it about you?’

What’s tough in your life right now?
Be encouraged…God is on your side.
Get yourself surrounded by Him and I believe that you will come out stronger on the otherside of what you are going through.

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