Last week I reflected on the journey involved in taking up a 90 day challenge. As it heads towards the 90th day the need for breakthroughs never lessens -they only change.

Whoever said being a christian is easy – probably wasn’t one.

The christian journey…we don’t need to change anything to start the journey but we certainly should not be staying the same! To change requires honesty, obedience and willingness to be ready for new things. Don’t know about you but that can at times be anything but easy.

Seen some breakthroughs…
…for me personally
…for Xcel Darlington
…for others that I know

What breakthroughs have you seen in your life recently?

Over the next 10 days…
…gonna be praying about the incredible building project that Xcel Church are involved in
…gonna be fasting about the project too

This is a once of a lifetime opportunity that will change the lives of so many people. What a privilege to be involved. This is legacy building stuff. Peoples eternal futures may never be the same again!!

7pm @ Aycliffe Venue.

Hope you will be there…

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