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Why Do Leaders Fail?

I have been involved in leadership training for 13 years and throughout that time I have seen many would-be leaders come and go. It seems that only the minority stand the test of time. Leadership is about the long-haul, it is a lifetime journey not a short sprint. Too few seem to have the stomach for it.

In my experience…
…many have looked good for a moment…
while leaders don’t live for the moment, they build for a lifetime.
…many want to just enjoy the privilege…
while true leaders demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice more than they could ever receive.

The whole premise of this blog when it started was to discuss the idea of those tests that leaders come across and whether they truly count towards becoming a better leader or not. Does it matter if a leader isn’t great at everything? What things can they get away with?

Please share your thoughts…why do you think leaders fail?

The Risk Test
The Passion Test
The Purpose Test
The Detail Test
The Vision Test
The Fullness Test

2 thoughts on “Why Do Leaders Fail?

  1. Good thoughts!

    I also think the leaders of the leaders who have ‘failed’ – share some of this responsibility.

    As a leader, I am responsible for the development and growth of those I am bringing through. This means I am responsible for mentoring and developing them, breeding character, providing a platform for them to use their talents, empowering them, giving them more leadership etc.

    I have seen leaders fail because those before them haven’t shuffled up to make room for the sproutling that is trying to bud and flourish.

    When we call people leaders – we need to ensure there is room for them to lead and all this entails.

    Maybe if we make sure we’re training people to take our place, we’d have less failings.

  2. What do we mean when we say when a leader ‘fails’? Because it is one thing for a leader to loose his/her position, however you don’t need a title to be a leader so in that circumstance how would you define leadership failure?

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