Are we over-complicating things in the Church?
Are we too focused on the right growth strategy, connecting people and organising stuff that we miss out on the simplicity of a Christ-led life?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for strategy and thinking. I love all that stuff. I am much more a long term person who likes to know where we are heading and how we can best get there. But Matthew 10 has got me thinking…

1. It doesn’t matter who you are. Jesus picked a motley crew of likely lads, gave them simple instructions and told them to basically just get on with it. No Pentecost yet. No out pouring of the Holy Spirit. No tongues of fire. Just a very simple thing – you’ve been with me a while so go…

– preach a simple message – the kingdom of heaven is near
– heal the sick
– raise the dead
– cleanse those who need to be
– drive out demons

Trying to remember the last time I did any of these!!

2. The focus was simple. Freely you have received so freely give. You don’t need any bells & whistles to reach out to people. If they receive you then stay, keep going. If they don’t, then move on. The worse that anyone can say is no. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

3. Expect the unexpected. Be on your guard. Be ready for anything but don’t worry about it either. If it’s happening because you are making a stand for Jesus’ sake then the words you need to speak will be given to you. In fact, people coming against you should almost be expected – just don’t allow yourself to not stand but give in to it.

4. Acknowledgement goes along way. Whoever acknowledges Jesus before men will be acknowledged before his Father in heaven. Whoever doesn’t acknowledge Jesus before others will not be acknowledged before his Father. A willingness to lose your own life for the sake of the Cause is a challenge worthy of acceptance.

5. Help someone. Just a small help can make a BIG difference. A cup of cold water may not seem like much to you but to the person who you give it may seem like the world.

Is this too simplistic? Is just knowing Jesus enough?
Love people.
Stand for Jesus.
Be ready for anything.
Trust God.

Lay down your life.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “A Matthew 10 Lifestyle

  1. This is my kind of message!! I am loving not caring what people think when I start talking about Jesus.. and what I find is most people are interested, some not interested but respectful.. others are just waiting to receive the good news.. we have nothing to lose and they have EVERYTHING to gain. People are often open to you praying with them.. not something I did often but again I am learning to step out in faith, after all, God is in control :o)

    Thanks Julian

  2. Good thoughts Julian. We’re experts at over complicating the Gospel and our Christian life.

    I’ll be speaking the the Darlington service next week on Twitterizing the Gospel, asking the question…
    “How would you communicate the Gospel if you only had 140 characters with which to do it?”
    “What exactly would you say”

    Looking forward to being with the Darlo crowd next Sunday.


  3. It is the greatest challenge to remain authentic in our Christian walk. Maybe the KISS principle is one we should endeavour to apply at all times – Keep It Simple…

    Thanks for the comments…lets keep it real!

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