Gearing up for what promises to be a GIANT month at Xcel Darlington. Time to turn the heat up and go for growth. Time to help someone move one step closer towards God.

Are you ready for lift off?
Are you ready to get involved?
Are you ready to bring someone along?

Our promise is simple – we will be ready. To welcome everyone. To open the dialogue. To answer their questions. To introduce people to the one person who can navigate them through life’s trials and joys.

For 30 days let’s STRETCH ourselves again. It’s been a while for some of us. Here’s some suggestions…

PRAY every day for breakthrough. For family. For friends. To see change in your town. To see people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. To take someone one step closer.

FAST. Once a week. Sometimes things only change through prayer & fasting!! It won’t kill you. It is sacrificial and actually good for you!

READ. Everyone reading the Gospel of Matthew. Put your thoughts down on the blog every day!! What is God revealing to you!

Get INVOLVED…some ideas brewing, to watch out for or that are already happening…
…new Darlington Outreach feeding the homeless.
…new SG launched at the Dolphin Centre (well re-launched)
…new Christians class every Sunday morning – just in June
…the GIANT JUNE challenge??
…Chris Denham from Hope City Leeds preaching
…new series…Battle of the Sexes
…PY in Darlington – come hear the news
…new opportunities to serve
…prayer meeting in Darlo
…a Welcome to Church party
…ands that not counting all the incredible things that you can do right where you are at!!

No excuses. Get ready, get ready, get ready!! Xcel Church is where it’s at! The region will not know what is hitting it!! And this is not about making you busier in an already hectic life. It’s about providing you with options and ways to connect people in to your world.

If nothing else…it’s going to make the journey fun!!

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