Just read Matthew Chapter 1. Excited that some of the Xcel Darlington congregation are journeying through this book with me during June…jump in if you want to.

Family is important. Don’t know what yours is like but in the time Jesus your lineage said heaps about you. So this is some statement by Matthew right at the start of his account of the life of Jesus.

v1 He was the Son of David, the Son of Abraham

(I am the Son of David, the Son of Thomas – nothing special in the scheme of things). Jesus was being set up as the Messiah, more important than those he followed. Which of course he is but to those reading this for the first time I imagine that such a statement would have been quite shocking, presumptious maybe and probably made Matthew a ‘marked’ man.

Whenever I read I try and place myself into the event. The birth of Jesus is THE incredible event. Imagine how those involved must have felt, the emotions, the questions, the challenges, the experience. Joseph must have been feeling excited, nervous, angry, amazed, awe-struck, responsible, so many emotions just wanting to do the right thing. Having a child at the best of times can be hard, the circumstances here are just asking for trouble but through it all…GOD IS IN CONTROL! Sometimes its best to just follow His lead.

The plan for redemption had begun to take shape.

[What do you think?]

4 thoughts on “Matthew 1: The Plan for Redemption had Begun

  1. I find it so awesome that God himself submitted to the womb of a woman.. not a rich woman or anyone special as such but an everyday woman, not married and very young. It makes me think how Jesus himself knows every stage that a baby goes through, from conception to the birth experience. he was a helpless baby and had to go through learning to walk ect.

    So.. Jesus relates to us, every step of the way because he went there first. Thank Goodness he understands me totally.

  2. Just reading Matthew 2 today and after being at Xcel Partners tonight it is great to know that GOD will bring deliverance bang on time at the right time. v12, v13, and v20, v22. One step at a time. GOD is always faithfull and knows exactly what He is going to do. Scary…yes at times…..but what an adventure and there is no more exciting life than serving GOD.

  3. I love the fact that Joseph was so willing to do what God asked him to, asked to take a pregnant Mary as his wife, he did.. asked to take Mary and Jesus and hide till it was safe, he did..

  4. Why is the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew a list of people Jesus is not actually related to biologically?

    The genealogy, in Matthew chapter 1, is a list of Joseph’s side of the family. Since Jesus was born from Mary, a virgin, with God as his father, then he is not related at all genetically to his “dad” Joseph. So he is not related to David and Abraham biologically. Is it just a cultural thing at the time when the male line is emphasised? Or is it more like, spiritually speaking, Jesus is their descendant, their spiritual heir?

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