You know what, it doesn’t matter that when you read the Bible something amazing doesn’t jump out of every verse. Sometimes just reading it is enough. The stories become familiar and a picture of God’s sovereignty is painted. That can only be good for you.

I love John the Baptist. He didn’t care what people thought. He cared that he did what he was called to do. His job…to shout about the Lord. To make way for Jesus. Love the brutalness of it. A no nonsense message…

Stuff like v8…’Produce fruit in keeping with repentance’. Now there’s a message!! There’s a challenge to actually not only be productive but to be productive in the right things. How many times I don’t hit the mark on that one.

Then the exchange between John and Jesus. How incredible is that. I wonder, is it a picture of integrity on Jesus’ part, to be baptised by John? I don’t know. It was obviously a significant moment for them both. If Jesus needed baptism how much more do we need it. His though was not for repentance as he had no sin to wash away but maybe it was more for God to reveal Himself, to make a declaration to the world about who Jesus was.

Wesley describes the heavens opening as ‘a glorious manifestation of the ever – blessed Trinity: the Father speaking from heaven, the Son spoken to, the Holy Ghost descending upon him’. (v16 & 17) Now he could enter into that which he had come to accomplish.

Thank you God for your Son.
Thank you God for your Holy Spirit.
Thank you God for baptism – not just for repentance BUT in the power of the Holy Spirit so that I can accomplish all the things that you need me to.

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