This is a great scenario.

Two blind men sat by the roadside. They hear that Jesus is going by. They start shouting, to get his attention. The crowd tell them to shut up. They shout even louder. Jesus stops (but you have to remember that they do not not see any of this unfolding).

I reckon the crowd went quiet. They must have wondered what was going on. I don’t think they ever thought that Jesus would actually stop or even more than that talk to them. Then comes what could be consider a moment of sarcasm by Jesus. Isn’t this the MOST OBVIOUS QUESTION EVER!!

Stood in from of two blind men Jesus asks them:

But here’s the thing. Maybe Jesus asks that question of us but we are too busy ‘doing life’ that we miss it. These guys did not. They answered, straight back, no hesitation, they were not about to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime ‘WE WANT OUR SIGHT.’

How do you think you would answer a question like that?

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