I have just finished reading through the Bible in 6 months, something which I have done for the last 5 or 6 years. It was a discipline I put in place because I wasn’t reading my Bible enough, if at all, although I was devouring other books easily.

Now I look forward to the start of the New Year and commencing to read through again. I have been asked if I have a plan – not particularly. I just start in Genesis and read through, aiming to complete around 7 Chapters each day. Some days I read more, other days I read less and do you know what – some years it’s taken until September to complete the read through, it’s not a ‘must-do’ thing but a desire.

Why read the Bible through?
Not to prove my worth.
Not to tick a box either.

I read it to get to know more about my God. The closer I get to Him, the more I want to read. The more I read, the closer I get to Him, the more I learn about how God views life, the more I learn about how God wants me to live my life.

I do study. I like to dig into the scripture too. I ‘bookmark’ verses (especially easy with the Bible on my phone now) and during the 2nd half of the year I will journey through some of them and dig a little deeper into them. I may even preach out of some of them. I definitely want to learn more, discover more, get some revelation.

It’s great to read how other Pastors view this too. Mark Batterson is reading the Bible through the year. Here are some thoughts he recently shared. What are your thoughts? I commented that some may view this as ‘religious’, especially the J I Packer quote which I put on my twitter – his reply is great and makes the point so much better than I can…

If it comes across as legalistic I think it can be a turn-off. So I totally understand the reaction. But it might be because it’s convicting too…

I definitely subscribe to something Oswald Chambers said: “Let God be as original with others as he was with you.” So I don’t like prescribing things like “you have to read through the entire Bible” in a year. But the truth is this: will that lead to growth. Absolutely. So the more you want to grow the more you’ll read. I don’t think you can get around that.


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