Stood in the worship last Sunday morning at Xcel Darlington and a thought dropped in my spirit. As I looked at the flat-screen tv – instead of seeing the words of the songs I saw two small words, jumping about. NO SIGNAL. And it was almost like a nudge from God…that’s the issue with too many Christians, I’m trying to get a word to them but there is NO SIGNAL.

3 reasons why your signal can be low?

Here’s a thought: there is nothing wrong with the phone. It has everything it needs to fulfil its function. The problem is US, we are in the wrong place, or just not paying enough attention to our surroundings. Move into the right area and suddenly your phone is going crazy receiving texts & emails.

Maybe the same could be said of God. It’s not that He is not working, not listening, not there. God has not moved. It’s NOT God…it’s US!! Going to unpack this on Sunday. There is a challenge in here for each one of us as Christians…to make sure that we keep the signal strong.

4 thoughts on “How Strong is Your Signal?

  1. Yes I think your so right, its easy to miss GODs messages if we are not switched on ( no signal) I think this happens to our young people as well..
    How do we maintain full signal??
    Read our Bibles
    I will be intresred to learn how to keep full signal with our young people…

  2. Hey Suzanne, thanks for the comment. Hope to answer the question on Sunday or at least make people think about it anyway.

  3. I am experiencing this is a new way.. understanding more about being in the right position to hear the voice of God. Changing the way I think , changing the attitude of my heart and thinking about my lifestyle…remembering his love is unconditional but his approval is not.

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, and there is no doubt, as usual, you will be brilliant.

  4. Would love to hear more about this but cannot be at Darlington to hear what you have to say. Will be at Aycliffe Kids Church. I did talk at Kids Church about this a few months ago. Showed a radio and said can you hear the music. They could not because it was not switched on. Then switched it on but did not tune it in. The point being we know the radio waves are there and we have the means to hear them but if we don’t switch the radio on and tune it in then we will not hear anything. It can be the same with God. He is always transmiting (speaking to us) but we need to switch on and tune in to what He is saying

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