This is a dangerous question to ask but one that we should not be afraid of asking. Recently heard of a few people who are experiencing the whole ‘question my faith’ issue. Feel the need to say – that’s okay.

Questions are good.
Questions are how we learn.
Questions don’t mean you don’t love God, they just mean you want to know more (I hope).

Faith is a subjective thing. Isn’t it? Everyone experiences it in different ways. The fundamentals may be the same but the outworking of it can look different. Yes?

Anyway…just wondered what are the questions that people have in respect to their Christian faith?
Are they questions of doubt?
Are they questions of clarity?
Or are they not really questions at all and the phrase is just being used as a ‘get out’ clause.

We should not be afraid to ask questions. As Pastors & Christian leaders we should not be afraid to enter in to dialogue about our faith. Surely that’s a good thing. Something to be encouraged. To just sit and say ‘because’ or keep stating that ‘Jesus is the only way to God’ is not usually enough. It could be deemed arrogant. It could be deemed ignorant. Either way, it’s probably not good. Possibly paints a rather dim view of Christians too.

Is your faith being tested? Are you having doubts? Do you need some clarity?
What are the questions that need answering that can help you move forward in your journey with God?

I’m not saying that I have all the answers. Maybe we can learn something together…

[Leave your questions as a comment]

5 thoughts on “Are You Questioning Your Faith?

  1. Julian, think this post is awesome and something that is sorely needed
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about some of the phrases we
    use in church and whether we really know what they mean.
    For example we often talk about doing something in God’s
    strength. But what exactly does that mean and how do we
    do it?

  2. Got this comment via email which I have permission copy across…

    I think a lot of people are afraid to speak out about doubts because it makes them look less “holy” or almost like they shouldn’t be allowed/qualified to come to church/serve in a ministry.

    In all honesty, I’ve found many doubts over the years, myself. I’ve wondered why other people hear from God and I don’t. I’ve wondered why my prayers go unanswered. I’ve wondered if people who “go down in the Spirit” when prayed for are doing it because that’s what the Holy Spirit is doing to them…or if it’s just what they’ve seen other people do. I’ve wondered if when I pray in tongues that it is indeed a heavenly language expressing God’s glory and greatness in ways I could never attempt to…or if it is random gobble-de-gook that I’ve convinced myself into believing that it’s a gift from God.

    At the end of it all, and upon reflection, it’s in “valley” periods of life when these thoughts come along. This is the time when you’re at your most susceptible to attacks and to disillusionment, and I’m sure the enemy is more than aware of this and produces these thoughts for you to ponder over.

    My resolve to these things was calling it as it is. At the end of the day, it’s called a “Faith” for a reason; because you need to have faith in something that isn’t always evident!

    During these hard times, it’s easy to question…but it’s just as easy to know that God is there all the time and that the Bible is true when you’re on top of the world! So we need to not be fickle and think, “Oh no, everything around me has gone bad…that means God might not exist!” We need to remember the mountain-top thoughts when we’re in the valley, and have FAITH that it’s still true.

    Jamie Farrell

  3. Amazing answer from the tallented Mr. Farrell.

    I dont think my faith has ever REALLY been tested, not like some peoples.. When I went to Africa there was a man who I spoke to who lost 7 adult kids to aids, lost his home, had illness.. you name it, he’d had it and yet he blew me away with his Faith in God.. talking about how much he loved the Lord and had to keep standing against the attacks of the enemy. Me here in the UK , all the mod cons, nice home and comfortable life, Im not sure how I would stand losing one child never mind 7.

    I am all too aware that when something goes wrong I tend to want to have a huge pity party and think “why me” That disgusts me about myself. The fickleness of my mind and flesh. I am learning that no matter what God is in control and he has a great plan for me.

    Only today I read this “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them. I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth, these are the things I will do, I will not forsake them” Isaiah 42 v 16.

    Sometimes, in all honesty , when its tough ( cos as a Christian it really is sometimes) I think “it was all so much easier when I was down the pub with mates getting wrecked!!” I am soooo glad the Lord does not give me over to how I think and he loves me enough to bring me back, usually by the amazing people I have in my life. As act of will , when I feel pants, I say out loud “this is only how I FEEL” I too look at people and think ” they are putting that on” What I fail to remember is that God is looking at MY heart and asking me ” will you follow me no matter what” YIKES

  4. Wow! What an interesting topic of conversation. May I just say how amazing it is that religion doesn’t bind us as a church into not being able to communicate in an honest an real way. I’m sure if Jesus were around today He would certainly not be holding back in allowing us to express our heart, concerns, feelings…i’m sure He would want us to question a few things and learn some stuff rather than just follow through ‘religion’.

    I loved what Jamie said, I think that’s probably where I’ve been at. Are we doing stuff out of religion still? Would Jesus really shake up the church if He were here today because of relgion and routine? Who really can define what parts of the old/new testament we should be following? Doesn’t it feel like sometimes we ‘pick & choose’ what WE want to follow.

    I don’t want to get ‘my walk’ wrong! I don’t want to get to heaven and be told I did it all wrong. Do we need to be more serious about our faith, or are we being TOO serious about our faith?

    I’m sure if I sat here long enough, I probably wouldn’t stop writing. Things keep popping into my head!

    Great thoughts though.

  5. Hey Dale – thanks for joining in the conversation. Thinking of talking more about this in Sunday – the whole faith and questions issue.

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