I’m in a strange frame of mind at the moment. Thinking of questions that demand some real honesty…

Are you questioning your faith?
Do you sometimes feel unworthy?
Do you worry how making mistakes effects you with God?

Let me just say: my faith is not in doubt.
I am however, fully aware that for many people these types of question reverberate around their mind. It’s okay. Questions are okay. Don’t panic. Just don’t walk away from God. Dialogue it!

Faith isn’t faith without questions. If you had no questions then you wouldn’t need any faith. Right? I think I am discovering a few things as I walk this Christian journey about faith, questions, doubts, mistakes and how God views things…

– there are somethings about God and His nature that I can learn
– there are somethings about God and His nature that I may never understand – they can go on my list of things to ask when I get to heaven
– making mistakes is inevitable
– I need to try hard to not make the same mistakes and learn from them along the way
– even if I make mistakes, however UGLY they may be, the grace of God and His willingness to forgive will always go further – it truly is deeper, wider, higher then any stinking sin
– grace is beyond my thinking most of the time
– questions are good – they help me learn
– accepting that God loves me isn’t always easy especially when I make those stupid mistakes
– when I think I know better about my life is when I’m in danger of becoming self-sufficient and that can create distance between me & God which can only damage the relationship
– my thinking I’m inadequate doesn’t stop God from making me more than adequate – He makes me whole, perfect in His sight
– there really is nothing I can do that can make God love me more or make Him love me less
– if God is for me, then who can be against me? NOTHING – difficult to fathom which makes it hard to accept
– I must learn to accept it though – GOD IS FOR ME – all the time
– God works ALL things for good – even when I reckon that’s not possible. It’s what He does, I just have to get over myself (which is probably the greatest challenge)

What about you – what are you learning on the journey?

One thought on “Faith, Questions, Doubts, Mistakes and His Grace

  1. That last one is a huge one for me too. Sometimes it’s impossible to understand how the painful and uncertain and messy things in our lives can possibly be redeemed. I guess its just a matter of trusting God – it’s what He specializes in!

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