‘We may not need as much church planting if we had more church cultivators’.

This came from someone I follow on twitter. It certainly gets you thinking. And I responded too.

‘Do you not think though it’s easier to plant than it is to cultivate/care for & grow something’. I can relate to this. I can plant flowers but I cannot grow them. Not like my dad – he is a gardener, takes cuttings, pots them, cultivates them in the greenhouse, feeds, waters, grows them, then plants them in the flowerbed.

Such action takes time.
Such action takes dedication.
Such action takes thought.
I guess you have some failures along the way too.

Maybe that’s why people opt for Christianity-lite. The No-Frills type which demands only a little but will produce a lot. Think I’m learning that it doesn’t work that way. To be a cultivator is definitely a long-term strategy not a short term one. There is no ‘miracle-grow’ formula – just the usual, old-fashioned, dare I say forgotten aspects…getting on your knees, praying like peoples lives depend on those prayers, connecting, fighting for people – all the non-glamourous stuff.

Some of us love to plant seed.
Fewer though like to put the effort in required to grow the seed.
We all love to see the full bloom though – we can all appreciate that.
Challenge is you can’t have one without the other.

When it comes to people – well the effort can seem endless. It can seem pointless at times too. Investing what you know into another individual not knowing when anything may flourish. It can be frustrating, messy, hard work – even demoralising at times. Key is to remember – that as we play our part – as we plant, as we water – it is ‘God who brings the increase’. The rewards are incredible and make the sacrifices so worthwhile – nothing beats a changed life! Especially a God-changed life!

Hope my jumbled thoughts makes some sense. I have a real desire to be a grower not just a planter. How about you?

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