41Z8gRuhSRL._SL500_AA240_There is a struggle for many Christians, I really believe it’s more common that we want to admit – we are not living our lives as the real person God wants us to be.

I’ve been a Christian for a while now and this book was a reminder for me to make sure I am living as the real me. Living life with my ‘eyes wide open’, seeing God in the right way and the difference that will make to how I see myself and how I see others too.

For me the theme of the book was captured right at the start…‘Distorted images are not only shaping your perspective but also hindering your possibilities’ Maybe acknowledging that we do this is the beginning of the journey. Then there is the opportunity to travel through the rest of the dialogue and open our eyes to God, to our true Identity, to Change and then to Influence. After all, once you recognise who God is and what He has done for you – your changed life can influence in amazing ways.

So many thoughts jumped out a me. Here’s a few…
…God is into forgiveness – not payback
…God is not holding our mistakes over us & trying to punish us. He loves to forgive & empower
…boredom emerges when you are not using your gifts – apathy starts with self-comfort
…dropping masks requires authenticity; facing secrets requires confession
…we were created in love, with love and by love
…love motivates us to engage our culture and seek to restore it

I acknowledge that I have not lived with my eyes wide open all the time. Sometimes it’s easier to keep them closed – in an ‘ignorance is bliss’ kind of fashion. But in all honesty, that ‘s not good enough. God needs me to live out my true identity in Christ, that changes culture, that challenges people and loves and forgives as He loves and forgives me.

This is a great, easy read suitable for all Christians. Insight, teaching & wisdom for the mature & younger Christian alike. Get your copy here.

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