416W7LgBwsL._SL210_This book has been nudge into action. We all like to think we are remarkable but in reality most of us are probably a long way short of remarkable.

As with You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader, this is an easy, yet powerful read. Mark Sanborn pushes you to think about how you are performing, outlines the difference a remarkable performance can make but thankfully doesn’t leave it there. He then provides you with the tools to be able to change your performance and generate an ‘Encore Effect’.

Commitment – Professionalism – Skills – Values – Character

Preparation [our actions, our preparation – speaks louder than our words when it comes to how much we love what we do]
Performance [build your reputation and your brand on authenticity, not hyperbole]
Polish [never stop]

Although the content is not new, I really didn’t mind. If ‘my life is a performance that I am in charge of’ then I’ll take all the help I can get to provoke me into some action. Whether I am remarkable and worthy of an encore…I don’t know. But I will work on it! I want to be the kind of person who inspires others through my performance, instruct others through my teaching and help others improve through my encouragement.

Encouraged to know that our ‘performance can be elevated’. That it’s not about where we’re at, or even where we started….it’s about the potential we possess and how, with God’s help, we can release it.

I would definitely recommend this book. Only if you are up for a change!! Get your copy here.

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