Your success is not based on your position.

That is a difficult for us to learn. If you want to be an influential leader then you must learn it. You are most valuable where you add most value. And here’s the thing – that may not be in the ‘position’ you currently find yourself in.

How do you add value?
What do you bring to the table?

At Stronger Conference Pastor Kevin Gerald spoke about this. The challenge of ‘feeling valued v adding value’. I was glad of the reminder…

…to focus on the adding value and get past the craving to feel valued
…to understand that craving to be valued hinders me from being valued
…to know that I will make bad decisions if I make them based on how valued I feel
…to realise that people can invalidate me as well as value me

Leaders sacrifice the right sometimes to be valued. Often the one leading the way we feel least valued. Not everyone will like you, enjoy what you are doing and this means you not feel valued. The fact is that you are probably acting in the place that adds most value.

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