Easily done. You know, how you get ‘out of the habit’ of doing something. It’s not even a conscious thing, it just happens. Thankfully now I recognise it more quickly, and act on that recognition more quickly too. I guess that’s the key.

Most people know they need to change something.
Unfortunately, most people don’t ACT on the need to change something.

Getting ‘back on track’ is not as easy as drifting. Maybe drifting is default mode while staying on the right track is by design. Design occurs by choice, not by chance. So, today was a drift stopping day!! Alarm set, up and into some time with God.

Days always feel better for me when I have started it right. Don’t know what that is for you. Starting right for me is with God…a few verses, some worship, shake off the rubbish, get in the position that I should be in, call on God, pour out my heart, confess, pray into the day, the family, situations, dreams, vision, for others [not necessarily in that order] but I think you catch what I’m saying.

Jesus said ‘seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well’. The things are the stuff of life, God knows that you need them. Aware that I wasn’t doing that enough recently.

How to stop the drift in your life…
1. Choose to [don’t wait, just choose]
2. Design it [for me, to get up early means going to bed earlier]
3. Respond to it [get up, do the thing you need to do]
4. Continue in it [one day does not stop drift]
5. Enjoy the blessing of doing it [not out of duty but from a place of devotion to your God]

What do you need to do to stop the drift?

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