I am challenged.
I have a deep desire to make sure I am always tipping in to the things of God.
I know I AM changed. When I became a Christian I was changed. I was dead in my sins. Then I was made alive to the things of God. All because of what Jesus did for me.

The BIG THOUGHT I had was this…my Spirit has changed, is alive to God but maybe the rest of me needs to catch up. I either keep in step with the Spirit or I drift the wrong way. It’s easy to drift!

I have an ‘obligation’ to live according to the Spirit. Not according to the flesh. Romans 8 tells me that. Sinful nature is death. The spirit is life. Jesus is worth that much. I am indebted to him for everything he has done for me…right?

So I keep tipping into the things of God…
…staying FILLED with the FULLNESS of God
…in my FOCUS

I don’t want to just labour at somethings that is important from an earthly perspective but misses the mark when it comes to eternity. Christianity is my calling. So I ‘ought to labour after & pray earnestly for clearer insight into & and a fuller acquaintance with the great objects of a Christians hope’

My personal challenge: to be honest enough to look at my life and answer the question – am I truly dwelling with Christ? Am I tipping into the things of God?

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