What are you believing God for?
Are you stretching your faith?
Have you made room recently for God to move?

Everything we do is a model of a certain lifestyle to those around us. It will have an impact on them – for good or not. It will display God off in one way or another. The call of a Christian is to reveal the glory of God in our lives – what we do, how we speak, in our reaction to life’s circumstances.

Paul spoke about 3 ways we become models to those around us…

In our work produced by faith.
In our labour prompted by love.
In our endurance inspired by hope in Lord Jesus Christ.

Believe for something. Ask God to be all over your work. Make it faith-filled.
Ask God to change something. Identify with others. Prompted by true faith and genuine love.
Look to the future. Stand strong with an anchor called hope – knowing God is able.

Don’t do nothing.
Believe God for something.

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