As we head into a new year, new decade and for Xcel Church a new building it is vital that to build on any momentum that is being created that we work hard to ‘keep up the pace’.

In Jeremiah 12:5 God challenges the prophet – if you have run with the men and got tired, how will you contend running with the horses? It’s a great picture of how God needs us to be ready for what is ahead. To always be working at upping the pace. If we think life is fast now, God only wants to make it faster.

It’s not about getting busier. It’s about becoming smarter in our work. 2010 can be your year. The moment you have been dreaming of may appear. Be ready for it.

Don’t lose pace with what is happening around you…
PROCRASTINATION, ASSUMPTION and things CUTTING IN ON YOU could mean you get ELIMINATED from what God has for you.

Keep upping the pace…
PREPARATION for the life you want, ACTION to move you, thinking how you can increase your CAPACITY can put you in the place where God may ELEVATE you.

What goals will you set for yourself in 2010?
How can you make sure that you ‘run the race’ well in 2010?

This is not the pre-game warm up. This is the game. As Bill Hybels says in his book Axiom – ‘what life are you waiting for?’

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