What a great word. As a Christian I am thinking that I should leave in the place of ‘nevertheless’. Whatever life looks like, whatever decisions need to be made, however dark and gloomy things may look ‘nevertheless’ changes things.

Nevertheless God is on the throne.
Nevertheless He is able to do more than I can think or imagine.

Isaiah painted a picture of the future that looked gloomy, dark and dispairing. But then came ‘nevertheless’ the people in darkness have a seen a great light, nevertheless liberty was coming forth, nevertheless a child was to be born – a child that would become the Saviour of the world. God had an answer, it was ready, it would happen, His zeal would see it accomplished.

It’s a simple thought but thank God for nevertheless.
It’s a comforting thought that if God’s zeal is set toward it, then it’s accomplishment is secure.
It’s exciting to think of how God responds to our dark & gloomy circumstances by shining His light, declaring His liberty & giving us His Son.

How should we respond in 2010 to how God has responded to us?

[Happy Christmas]

One thought on “Nevertheless

  1. oh when i think of how true those words are… how God really does come in and shine his light in our hr’s of darkness….

    Nevertheless, i will fail him and not always be what he wants me to be…
    Nevertheless i will try each day, because his mercy’s are new every day.
    Not because i can do anything in my own strength. but because HE will turn
    my weaknesses into my strengths for His glory… not mine…

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