Been a while since I posted but I was listening to Pastor Brian Houston the other day talking about this and it was a challenging reminder…

Jesus was the cornerstone that the builders rejected. He was unfashionable. He still is and he calls us to live an unfashionable lifestyle for him.

I don’t mean in what you wear or how you have your hair. No need to never wash, wear sandals and live like a hermit. Fashions come and go. Jesus is!! He calls us to demonstrate our walk with him by displaying some unfashionable lifestyle characteristics, things which are not about what you ‘do’, not about ‘image’ or about ‘fame’ or ‘recognition’.

They are about ‘who you are’ and ‘how you live life’, unfashionable stones that make a way for you to live a ‘significant’ life, one that impacts beyond yourself.

HumbleSacrificeHard WorkDevotionDisciplineLoyaltyHoliness

If you were to give yourself an honest assessment of how your life measures up how would you score?
Are you striving for prominence while missing out on becoming significant for God?

It’s a challenge but definitely one worth taking up…what do you think?

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