The story of the four men lowering the paralyzed man down in front of Jesus is a fantastic illustration of what makes a great servolution. Four men, see a need in someone elses world and do all that they can to help. No strings attached. No benefit for themselves, instead all the benefits were for the person being helped.

When it comes to fulfilling a great servolution…

In simple terms – have a look around, see things that need doing, think about what you can do. They did this and then performed a deliberate & intentional act of kindness.

Ideas without action never achieve anything. Being creative with what you could do is great fun but without pushing yourself to do something you won’t make a difference.

These four men had to push themselves. Taking the idea of helping him and making it a reality – getting a bed, knowing where to go, carrying him a distance – not easy, not comfortable, they would have had lots of opportunity to feel like they wouldn’t get there, that what they were doing wouldn’t make a difference.

When they got to the house they could not get in. Maybe they thought of going back home but they were determined to see it through. They climbed the stairs, cleared the roof tiles, and did all they could to get that man in front of Jesus.

Here’s the thing with a servolution:
Don’t start something that you are not willing to see through.
When they had done ALL that they could do, Jesus could do ALL that He could do.
Jesus saw THEIR faith & did something for the man they had helped. A servolution lines people up for an encounter with God.

So, what are you going to do?

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