Another of the great Leadership Library books, easy to read but full of punch.

Sharing from his own journey as a leader he challenges that not only do we need to have character as a leader, we must also be a character too. “The primary focus is not what we speak, but how we live. We are to have character that invites others to the goodness of Christ and to be a character that intrigues and compels others to discover what it means to be forgiven and set free to live with passion and joy.” Don’t think you can say it more clearly than that.

I enjoyed the honest reflection, which added weight to the challenge for me to be honest for the sake of my integrity and how that reveals the character of God as I show strength & love in my life and leadership.

To have the right character…seek prayer, grow in wisdom, live with freedom.
To be the right character…display gratitude, be truthful, have boldness, always be willing to look at the facts.

“The more we allow our hearts to hear with strength and courage, tenderness & mercy, the more we will be amazed at how God has worked in us and longs to continue the good work he has begun.”

A good read. Recommended. Check it out here.

[Other Leadership Library books by Bill Hybels and Andy Stanley]

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