Following on from the previous post about Servolution here’s some thoughts about why we don’t get involved. Jesus gave us a great example in John 13 when he washed the disciples feet, he demonstrated what it meant to love, be devoted and serve those around him.

I had two thoughts when I read this…

Every room has a towel

Pick It UP!!

Every room – every area of our life, our workplace, our home, our college, our street, our community, our church, our friends, our neighbours, every time we go somewhere there is opportunity to serve. An opportunity to pick up a towel.

The question is then – WHY DO WE JUST WALK PAST IT?

1. I’ve done my bit
Do you know what back in the day – I was it! Maybe as I approach my 40th birthday it’s time to reflect, to look at everything I’ve done and then step aside for the young people coming through. To be honest I’ve done just about everything in church life – kids church, drop in coffee bar, youth, street evangelism, been in the choir, worship, driven the bus, car park, put more chairs out that some of you have had hot dinners, christmas meals, cleared gardens, etc etc – many of us could say the same thing. So maybe I’ve earned the right to say ‘I’ve done my bit’.

That makes me ARROGANT. There is always something that I can do…

Paul wrote ‘Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in a such a way as to get the prize’. It’s not just about taking part. It’s not about saying that I ran the race before. We have to keep on running the race and running to WIN. We must notdisqualify ourselves because of the past things we have done.

2. Don’t Need the Hassle
Serving is inconvenient. It will cost us more than money. It will involve energy, stuff, time, no wonder its sometimes easier to just not get involved.

The story of the Good Samaritan is an illustration of people not wanting to get involved. What were they doing? They were thinking of themselves, maybe acting a little bit selfishly. When we think only of ourself we start to opt out, look for excuses, we become lazy, we allow our circumstances to become the biggest thing in our world and forget that its not about us but about other people.

‘I can’t be bothered’
‘I have a lot going on in my own life at the moment’
‘Work is really busy – when I get in its family time thats most important’
‘I’ve got things to do, places to go’

These are not wrong – I know life can be difficult and you must keep the balance right BUT sometimes the best solution for your circumstances is a servolution.

Paul wrote in Galatians ‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up’. It seems that helping others will do us good too.

3. I don’t do that
Ever looked at the list of opportunities and excused yourself because you don’t do kids, you don’t do singing, you don’t do early mornings, you don’t do physical work. I know I have. Next time we have a thought that something isn’t being done, maybe that’s a towel opportunity, our frustrations could be our chance to pick up a towel.

Jesus didn’t ask us to follow him if it ‘fits’ with our likes & dislikes, he just asks us to follow him, to lay down our life to gain it, to give up some stuff, to take up our cross everyday. We need to pick up the towel, when we enter a room, someones world then pick up that towel…why?

Because of what it represents…
…people who have needs
…opportunities for God to move
…living out the right kind of Christian walk (giving up your life)
…glorifying God
…lining yourself up to receive a harvest
…because we should

Don’t walk past the towel….pick it up.
It may not seem as significant to us as having the right title BUT to the person we are serving it could be the most significant thing we ever do.

Let’s make this a great time of Servolution.

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