The cover describes this book as ‘a truckload of weighty wisdom in 76 portable proverbs’. It’s not wrong!

This is a MUST read for leaders and would-be leaders everywhere. Why would you not want to learn from Bill Hybels? It’s obvious but I think Mr Hybels has earned the right to say a few things and that we should listen. Every proverb has the potential to help you…depending where you are on your leadership journey.

It is a simple set up. Thoughts, wisdom, ideas, challenges covering 4 key leadership areas. Read the proverb, think about it, digest it then ask yourself – what do I need to learn from this?

Here’s my favourite 6….(not in a particular order)
No.12 Take a Flyer – if your setting could stand a few sparks of God-ordained excitement: take a flyer! It might yield the breakthough you need
No.16 Six-by-Six Execution – what are the six most important challenges that I am facing in the next six weeks? I have adopted this idea…I love that it creates intentional neglect. And it gets things done too.
No. 49 Is it Sustainable? – when the team present new initiatives then there are 3 questions to ask: is it kingdom-advancing? can we launch it well? is it SUSTAINABLE? Whatever it is you are going to do, don’t be afraid to ask if you will actually be able to keep it going.
No. 50 Don’t Screw Up – love this one. After advice like ‘think it through’, ‘cover the details’, ‘do the follow-up’ Bill Hybels would add one more DON’T SCREW IT UP!! Leaders build credibility by not screwing up.
No. 56 Speed Versus Soul – good Pastors are to grow their souls, their relationship with God and those closest to them. Is my soul line going up or down? How is it between me & God? How about my relationship with my wife, close friends and family? The challenge is that if it doesn’t look good – what adjustments to your schedule, to the pace of your life are you willing to make to get it heading in the right direction again.
No. 64 What Life are you Waiting For? – Life is not a rehearsal. This is the only leadership life we get. It is the game, not a warm up. So…what life are we waiting for?

Get your copy here. Read it. Tell me which one is your favourite?

Other books by Bill Hybels…
Holy Discontent
When Leadership & Discipleship Collide

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