Interesting the words that Job uses during the dialogue with his ‘friends’.

He stands his ground.
He does not compromise despite their well-intentioned comments.
He certainly doesn’t blame God.
He will not admit to wrong that he knows he has not done.

Job 17:9: ‘But principled people hold tight, keep a firm grip on life, sure that their clean, pure hands will get stronger and stronger!’ (Message)

Hold tight – to your words, to your thoughts, to your principles. Easy to know God in the great times but faith enables us to hold tight through the tough times too.

Keep a firm grip – don’t let go of the knowledge that Jesus said he came to give us life, an abundant life. In circumstances like that which Job was experiencing, you need to be determined to ‘keep a firm grip on life’ and not give up.

Get stronger and stronger – staying humble before God, holding on to your principles, keeping hold of God will make you stronger even in times of weakness. ‘Let the weak say I am strong’, God is our strength in times of weakness…the challenge is remembering this.

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