Thought I might share some thoughts from my preach on Sunday…
In becoming a conversational architect we have know that who we are is important, but should not underestimate the value of how we are perceived.

Conversations lead to relationships and relationships lead to affinity. Affinity is a great word…
…to have affinity with another means to have a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing or idea
…whenever we have a conversation or make a comment via our social media outlets we are giving people opportunities to have affinity with us or not
…the choice they make will be based on what they know about us and our existing affinities

We need to remember that what we say is coloured by many things…
…our family background
…our experiences
…our love for God
…our ministry team
…our connection with Xcel Church

These known affinities determine peoples view of us and then influence how they receive what we say. Making sure our words and actions match up becomes more important otherwise we discredit ourselves and it may never get the opportunity to be heard on more important matters. As Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13 – even if I speak eloquently but don’t speak from a position of love then I am nothing more than a loud noise. [1 Cor 13:1]

If life change happens in relationships, then we must develop some relational collateral. We need to become architects in our conversations. To not consider this way is to be naive, if not worse. Want to lose your influence and integrity…then never think about what you are saying or how others might receive it.

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